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Gobo Process

InLight Gobos offers the choice of either Black & White, Greyscale or Full Color gobos in a variety of sizes for all the popular fixtures on the market today.

Gobo color stack

The Beacon Advantage

InLight Gobos holds the U.S. Exclusive to the Beacon AB, U.S. Patent # 6,081,383 covering the use of ultra-thin glass color layers for forming color gobos. This allows only InLight to manufacture the thinnest color gobos in the industry. Why is that important? Color gobos are made up of four layers of glass. Each layer is an image plane to the projector lens. The closer the layers are to each other the better the projection lens sees them as one. Our manufacturing technique essentially places all the image planes of the gobo together in the focal plane of the projector allowing for a crisp focus and color integration in the projected image. This becomes even more important with today's optical systems in high-end projectors. The resolution and clarity is greater than ever and integration is key.

InLight Gobos utilizes the Beacon Black Line process. This process incorporates an enhanced dark mirror coating on the lens side of the gobo. This Black coating absorbs the light that is reflected from the projection lens and removes the halo or "ghost image" from around the projected image giving a much higher contrast projection. The Black Line process also incorporates a specially designed anodized metal ring that is secured around the glass edge of the gobo, giving a more robust and durable finished product for longer life and easier installation.

Information About Our Gobos

Color gobo

Full Color

Our Full Color gobos are a standard in the industry. Using the patented Beacon thin-layer technology, InLight Gobos can offer the sharpest full color image at a very competitive price. The Beacon process produces color glass gobos thinner than other gobos available on the market. By using color dichroic filters 0.08 mm thick, the combination of the three (CMY) dichroic filters with the 1.1 mm black filter results in a finished gobo of 1.7 mm thick. This eliminates the "fuzzy focus" by putting all the layers on essentially the same focal plane.

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Greyscale gobo


InLight Gobos high resolution patterning capabilities enables us to reproduce high quality halftone images the same way as a full color gobo only without color. The high resolution of this process allows for exceptional greyscale reproduction and is great for photographic images, textures or graphics that contain gradients.

Black and White gobo

Black & White

The Black & White glass gobo is largely becoming the new standard to use in place of metal gobos. While metal gobos are less expensive, metal gobos also have a finite life and are limited in the amount of complexity that can be achieved. With glass gobos you get a cleaner image and no tabs or "bridging bars" as with metal gobos. This process is great for company logos or simple or complex patterns. Glass gobos used in most conventional and automated fixtures and can be used for years to come.

Greyscale gobo

Custom Metal Gobos

Metal gobos have been in use for many years. While metal gobos are limiting in the amount of complexity that can be produced on the gobo, metal gobos are a good low cost option for many applications. InLight Gobos supplies custom metal gobos in any size for most lighting fixtures.

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